/ mars 9, 2021

Raavni started as a projet in 2017, drawing its inspiration from encounters & travels through music, time and space.

This artist from the Nantes area (France) blends didgeridoo, synths & machines with a traditional aboriginal instrument call the “woodslide”.

In love with world music & reggae, skanks & basslines, he especially cherish Dub & Electro : genres in motion, with solid background & history, pioneering the sonic experiments :

His music is a powerful fusion of Dub & Tribal elements which invites you to dance through a spiritual journey.

Following the release of the first EP “Dub & Didg” (2018) he’s been touring for 2 years through France alongside confirmed artists like High Tone, Brain Damage, Kanka, Hilight Tribe, La Petite Fumée…

In October 2019, Raavni meets K Sann on the Panda Dub tour. This meeting eventually results in the making of a new album which is to be release 8th May 2020 on VLAD Records.

CD & Vinyls willl be available from spring 2020 !

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