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Akashic Records is a roots reggae & dub record label based in Atlanta, GA. The label began in 2014 with the mission of spreading Rastafari teachings & vibrations to the world. Mike B., who has been a reggae collector, selector & activist for 20+ years, runs the label.

The label focuses on the practical, political and mystical aspects of Rastafari, and Rastafari as an agent of social change.

Mike B. has been a publisher & distributor of Rastafari literature since 1993. He is actively involved in Rastafari educational & social programs like Wisemind Publications & the Word Sound Power Collective. His work promoting Rastafari music & events has naturally evolved into Akashic Records.

In the future, look for many more Akashic Records vinyl, CD & digital releases. The label will continue to distribute music that educates about Rastafari philosophy & livity.

Few artists who have contributed to the label over the years: Tenastelin, Fred Locks, Fikir Amlak, King Alpha, Brizion, Ras Zahir, Ras Amlak, Ras Muffet, Idren Natural, Oku Onuora, Yasus Afari, Ras Teo & Ras Kush, Peter Lionheart, Charles Slimrockah…

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ARFB7001: Ras Teo & Rebel Steppa – Jahoviah ‎(7″) 2015
AR-7001: Zebby Blax – Roots Music ‎(7″) 2015
AR-1201: Tena Stelin & King Alpha – Yoga / Lion Symbol ‎(12″) 2015
AR-7002: Oku Onuora / King Alpha – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow ‎(7″)2015
AR-7003: Fred Locks / King Alpha – Chant It ‎(7″) 2015
AR-CD001: Fikir Amlak & King Alpha – Simply Warrior ‎(CD album) 2016
AR-1203: Fikir Amlak / Russ D – I Am That I Am ‎(12″) 2016
AR-7004: Fred Locks & Sizzla – Black Star Liner Rebirth ‎(7″) 2016
AR-7005: Fred Locks & Brizion – Roll Call ‎(7″) 2016
Ini-7001: Idren Natural & Mighty Prophet – Further (7”) 2017
AR-7006: Ras Amlak & Jah Sonic – Everyday (7”) 2017
AR-1202: Tenastelin/King Alpha – Rasta Mission / Animal Rights (12”) 2017
AR-7008: Fikir Amlak & Brizion – Eastern Star (7”) 2017
AR-CD002: Fikir Amlak & King Alpha – Key to the Universe ‎(CD) 2018

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