/ janvier 14, 2023

New Album // 2xLP 33 Rpm // DBQKLP08

20 years in the sound system game, 20 years of musical back-catalogue, 20 years setting fire to dance floors and elaborating their unique dub sound heavily soaked in reggae and bass music. Since the 70s, much like reggae, dub has been through non-stop mutations leaving its impact on the course of music evolution, and O.B.F Sound System are spearheading the genre’s recent growth; a style born from the underground that has discretely influenced the development of electronic music. Straight outta the French Alps, stemming from the core of Geneva’s alternative scene, one of the most warrior sound systems of the continent has established itself as an irresistible magnetic phenomenon.

On “LAVA” O.B.F continue their sonic ascension. Reaching a new milestone in their endless quest in dub music, unmistakably forward-thinking and bursting with modern influences. At the crossroads between contemporary urban sounds, bass music, club music and dancehall, LAVA’s dub is heavy, undiluted. No half-stepping,O.B.F demonstrate how they whip up sound matter, how they fry up music in order to make big sound systems smoke.

‘LAVA’ is the O.B.F crew in fusion; consisting of its stellar team of MCs and renown solo- producer Rico; together concocting spontaneous studio eruptions. It’s the raw energy of a tight-knit family, a collection of 16 tracks of pure volcanic matter slapped onto wax.

One after another or as a duo Belén Natali (Argentina), Charlie P (UK), Sr. Wilson (Spain), Junior Roy (France) and the late great dub poet Nazamba (Jamaica) take turns blowing fire into the microphone. English, French, Jamaican Patois and Spanish collide, affirming O.B.F outernational identity.

Tracklist :
1. Chainsaw feat Charlie P & Belén Natali
2. Vampire Dance feat Sr.Wilson
3. Trees feat Charlie P
4. Contrôle la Danse feat Junior Roy
5. Danger feat Belén Natali
6. Lava « Magma Mix » feat Nazamba
7. Lighter
8. Stay Strong feat Junior Roy
9. King Ting feat Sr.Wilson
10. Dub Club feat Junior Roy
11. One More Puff
12. Nah Easy feat Charlie P
13. Erupshan Dub « En Y Mix »
14. Lava feat Nazamba
15. Infinito feat Belén Natali
16. Melting Dub


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