/ mai 10, 2021

Dubquake Records love “series”! After the “Signz Series” which came as a
compliment to the album “Signz”, they recently launched the “Next Generation Series” with Sanda, focused on shining the light on young talent, and here are the blazing hot “Anthem Series”: a new subdivision on which they’re going to unleash some of O.B.F’s most sought after dubs and exclusives that’ve been creating havoc in the dance.

First up on these brand new series is the monstrous “Dubquake 2016”, a true
soundsystem anthem cut onto fresh 12 inch lime green wax. Rico O.B.F made the track specially for the 10-year anniversary event of the Dubquake nights held at l’Usine in Geneva, where it got played for the first time. The track received a colossal reaction from the crowd so naturally “Dubquake 2016” made it onto the setlist and became one of O.B.F’s go-to last tunes. Since that night, O.B.F dropped “Dubquake 2016” at the four corners of the world: Brazil, America, Italy, Russia…

With the original mix on the A side and the “Late Night Mix”, a deeper and darker version on side B, this release celebrates O.B.F’s signature Raw style. A cross-over between brutal electronic soundscapes and militant 90s UK Dub; pushing the limits and making O.B.F one of the most prolific soundsystems on earth. This is a warning, certified RAW DUB, play at your own risk!

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